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Courcy Property


Courcy Discovery Hole


42m core interval grading 4.2 g/t Au starting just 12m downhole

(includes 12.2 g/t Au over 13.5m and 105 g/t (VG) over 1.5 m).



That’s what it takes to make a high impact mineral discovery – it doesn’t happen by accident.

Intense effort from a top tier team has put Stelmine on the cusp of something truly outstanding in Northern Quebec, the discovery of a potential major new gold district on the under-explored eastern side of the 600-km-long mineral-rich Opinica metasedimentary basin.

The western side of this basin (James Bay) features Newmont’s world class Eleonore mine.

Stelmine is demonstrating that the eastern part of this basin has similar geological characteristics and potential, led by the Courcy Property where the company is now following up with fresh drilling.

A result such as 42 m grading 4.2 g/t Au, including 105 g/t over 1.5 m within 12.2 g/t over 13.5 m, starting just 12 m downhole is a discovery by any definition, especially when it’s now known that the gold is associated with a fault that continues for 21 km!

Stelmine’s holdings are massive – over 606 sq. km with Courcy and Mercator leading the charge.

One of the largest iron mines in the world operates near Fermont, about 100 km east of Courcy, so this is a part of the world where big things can happen on the resource front.

Join us on this exciting journey as we aim high and strive to build spectacular shareholder value from the discovery at Courcy, Mercator and other opportunities across Stelmine’s district scale landholdings.


Drilling has targeted gold mineralization now interpreted to be associated with the Couteau and Brulis thrust faults that extend for more than 21 km.

The 2006 Courcy discovery hole drilled by SOQUEM, the Quebec government’s exploration arm, was the last of only 8 shallow drill holes ever completed at this under-explored project. These holes were geophysics targets as the geological setting was not well understood at the time.

Stelmine’s initial drilling in October 2021 has targeted gold-bearing zones at the core of a folded thrust fault exposing highly deformed and metamorphosed garnet and sulphide-rich iron formations and amphibolites at the hinge point of a broad antiform.

The hunt is on – Courcy has the potential to deliver gold mineralization over a very broad area.

2021-2022 Drill Campaign Courcy (Zone 1)

A total of 14 drill holes comprising 2,237 metres were completed in Phase 1

Zone 1

Around SOQUEM Discovery Hole #8
• Stelmine has extended the prospective gold system in Zone 1 to at least 300 metres along the Couteau Fault
• Twelve of the 14 holes tested Zone 1
• Results from Zone 1 show the presence of visible gold (VG) in three holes, whereas STHCOU-001, 002 and 003 yielded intervals of 2.86 g/t Au over 10.0 m; 2.79 g/t Au over 4.5 m and 2.28 g/t Au over 2.20 m.

Zone 4
Drilled for the first time in 2022

• 2 drill holes completed
• Intersected sulphide mineralization in an assemblage of fuchsite-bearing metasediments and garnet-rich amphibolites
• Results are pending

Exploration campaigns carried out from 2017 to 2020 highlighted several other gold targets notably a 1 km-long structure along the Couteau fault, 7 km southwest of Zone 1, revealing strong geophysical anomalies and significant gold and arsenic values (Zone 3). At least six other targets were identified through an association of geophysical anomalies and till sampling results throughout the property.

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