Stelmine secures 200 km² on Courcy


Québec, December 7, 2017- Stelmine Canada (« Stelmine ») (STH-TSXV) In view of the strong interest manifested by the mining industry in developing new high-potential gold projects within highly metamorphosed terranes (ex : the La Grande and Opinaca subprovinces), Stelmine considered a priority to secure claims forming the eastern extension of the Courcy project. The Company reports the staking of 84 new designated claims, covering 43.9 km², adjacent to the eastern border of its Courcy flagship property. The Management took this decision based on the conclusive results of the exploration work carried out on the property during 2017. The Courcy property now consists of 393 claims, 100% owned by Stelmine, and totalling 200 km². The project is located in the Superior geologic Province < 110 km west of the city of Fermont on the Quebec/Labrador border.

The new eastern extension of the Courcy property englobes volcanosedimentary assemblages showing a magnetic signature similar to that of the western Soulard Formation exposing gold mineralized zones (0.3-24.8 g/t Au) rich in pyrrhotite-pyrite±chalcopyrite related to deformed, mylonitized and metamorphosed rocks to the upper amphibolite facies (Iron formations, amphibolites, quartz arenites, fuschite clasts conglomerates, ultramafic rocks).

Next year, Stelmine will extend its exploration campaign on the eastern Courcy extension. Work will include a MAG-VTEM heliborne survey, geologic mapping and rock sampling initiated from a base camp already set up on the Courcy property.

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