Stelmine announces the results of its channel sampling campaign on Courcy


Québec, February 28, 2018Stelmine Canada (« Stelmine ») (STH-TSXV) is pleased to announce the results of the channel sampling campaign carried on different mineralized sites on the Courcy property during the fall of 2017.

Best results from channel sampling were obtained from three showings exposed within the Northern Zone; the Courcy 2.4 showing yielding an intersection of 1.05 g/t Au over 8.39 m, showing MG-14 generating 1.79 g/t over 4.10 m and the Rock’N’Roll site providing 1.58 g/t over 4.20 m (see Table below).

The Northern Zone reveals garnet and pyrrhote-pyrite-chalcopyrite-rich silicate iron formations/amphibolites that are sheared, deformed, brecciated and mylonitized and injected by pyrrhotite veins, breccias and quartz veins/veinlets over a 2.5 km2 area. The mineralized zone appears to be folded within a northeast-oriented fold axis. The schistosity plunge is variable creating favorable structural traps for gold mineralization.

Other gold-bearing grab samples gave values ranging between 0.31 and 8.38 g/t Au, with a mean of 1.49 g/t. Twenty-one (21) grab samples collected by SOQUEM from the same area yielded a mean concentration of 1.93 g/t Au, generating a combined average of 1.79 g/t Au (Stelmine/SOQUEM).

The gold-bearing channels are located 80 to 130 m west of the former drill sites implanted by SOQUEM in 2006. The campaign, including 772 m of core material distributed in eight diamond drill holes, produced the following results: 0.4 g/t Au @ 15 m (drill hole no. 2); 0.94 g/t Au @ 10.50 m (drill hole no. 4) and 4.27 g/t Au @ 42 m (including 12.15 g/t Au @ 13.5 m; drill hole no. 8).

The reinterpretation of past VTEM/TDEM geophysical surveys combined with the results of recent geological mapping accomplished in the Southern Zone unveiled ENE-WSW oriented folded structures (mylonites and shears). These structures are strongly magnetic and conductive manifesting the presence of pyrrhotite±pyrite±chalcopyrite within folded silicate iron formations/amphibolites and ultramafic sills. These contain gold mineralization (between 0.36 and 24.8 g/t Au) on the flanks and nose of folds along 1.2 km. Combining these results with those provided by SOQUEM (2004-2006) along one structure generates an average value of 2.75 g/t Au for 30 grab samples.

Isabelle Proulx, CEO and Director of Stelmine says: “The results of the channel samples indicate widespread areas of gold mineralization within folded, brecciated, sheared and mylonite zones. These pyrrhotite-rich mineralized structures are magnetic and conductive and strike over several kilometers. They constitute, in our model, structural traps favorable for gold mineralization. Further exploration work in the field will be oriented toward the definition of drill sites for the upcoming summer field season”.

QA/QC Protocol
Stelmine implemented a strict QA/QC protocol in processing all rock samples collected from the Courcy property. The protocol included the insertion and monitoring of appropriate reference materials, in this case, high concentration (MA-C2) and low concentration (GTS-2A) certified gold standards, blanks and duplicates, to validate the accuracy and precision of the assay results. All rock samples collected were put in sturdy plastic bags, tagged and sealed in the field under the supervision of professional geologists. The sample bags were then put in rice pouches and kept securely in a field tent before being sent by floatplane to the city of Wabush. Transport from Wabush to the ALS laboratory in Val-d’Or was made by truck from reliable transport companies. Gold was analyzed by fire assay method (Au-AA25 package) and other elements, including Ag, Cu, Zn, Pb, As and S, were determined by ICP-AES after powder sample dissolution in Aqua-Regia (package ME-ICP41).

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