Stelmine announces the results of its annual and special meeting of Shareholders and the grant of stock options


Québec, January 27, 2017- Stelmine Canada Ltd. (« Stelmine ») (STH-TSXV) today announced the results of the annual and special meeting of its shareholders held in Montreal on this date (the “Meeting”). During the Meeting, the candidates recommended by management, being André Proulx, Isabelle Proulx, Hugo Gagné and Christian Guilbaud, were elected as directors of the Company, Brunet Roy Dubé, chartered accountants, were appointed as the Company’s independent auditors, and the proposed modifications to the Stock Option Plan (“Stock Option Plan”) were approved by the Company’s shareholders.

After the Meeting, a total of 775,000 stock options were granted under the Stock Option Plan to the Company at an exercise price of $0.30, being the closing price of the Company’s shares on the TSX Venture Exchange the day preceding the grant. All options vested on their date of grant and each option may be exercised during a period of five years following the date of grant. This grant is subject to the final approval of the modifications of the Stock Option Plan by the TSX Venture Exchange.

About Stelmine
Stelmine is a restructuring junior Québec mining exploration company operating in Québec. Its capital stock consists of 17,953,884 issued and outstanding shares for a current market capitalization of $5.6 million.

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