Vallard Property

Localization :
Vallard property is located 100 km SW of the town of Fermont (Quebec) less than 20 km NE from its flagship Courcy property.

Ownership :
The property consists of a group of 125 continuous claims, 100% owned by Stelmine and totalling 65.2 km2.

Description :
The Vallard property encompasses a major thrust, the Vallard fault, marking the contact between highly metamorphosed intermediate volcanic rocks (Courcy Group) within the Opatica subprovince and migmatitic paragneiss sequences (Mercator Formation) of the Opinaca sedimentary basin. The geology of this grassroot property manifests characteristics comparable to those associated with gold mineralization occurring at the periphery of the western Opinaca sedimentary basin and the La Grande subprovince (e.g. Éléonore, Zone 25, La Grande-South):

  • major km-long faulting at the periphery and/or contact of the Opinaca metasedimentary subprovince,
  • a highly metamorphosed assemblage of sedimentary rocks and, and
  • the occurrence of nearby volcanic formations.