Trieste Properties

Localization :
The Trieste property is located acquire into the more prospective gold-bearing terranes exposed in Quebec near the boundary between the La Grande and Opinica subprovinces in the James Bay Territory, less than 60 km NW from Stornoway Diamonds Corp.’s Renard mine.

Ownership :
The Trieste property, owned 100% by Stelmine, consists of 126 claims forming an area of 66 km2.

Description :
The Trieste mining property consists of metavolcanic (amphibolites, basalts and intermediate volcanic rocks) and metasedimentary rocks (metatexites and diatexites) defining the Solomon Formation.
The volcanosedimentary assemblages form a greenstone belt in structural contact with paragneiss, diatexites and metatexites of the Laguiche Complex (Opinaca Basin) and biotite-hornblende granodiorite±tonalites. Stelmine intends to conduct an airborne magnetic survey to define new exploration targets.

In 2017, a visit to the Trieste property by our geologists allowed the identification of folded bands of magnetic iron formations (oxide facies) intercalated with metasediments and mafic metavolcanic layers. The iron formations contain magnetite and sulphides (pyrite, pyrrhotite, arsenopyrite and chalcopyrite) and is crosscut by sulphide-bearing quartz veins. A composite sample of mineralized wallrocks near the banded iron formations revealed gold and arsenic values of 1.10 g/t and 8350 ppm respectively.