Joubert Properties

Localization :
The Joubert property is located 55 km NE of the Renard diamond mine which is accessible by Road 167.

Ownership :
The property consists of a group of 182 continuous claims, 100% owned by Stelmine and totalling 94.2 km2.

Description :
During the mid-2000s, exploration work conducted by Virginia Mines in greenstone belts exposed northeast of the Joubert property lead to the discovery of gold showings.

In 2017, Stelmine’s geologists mapped metasedimentary rock assemblages (Solomon Formation) at the contact with basaltic metavolcanics (Trieste Formation) having a larger extent relative to what is revealed by the MERNQ mapping. Gold mineralization was discovered in the northeastern corner of the property on a gossan exposing paragneissic rocks in contact with metabasalts. The mineralization zone includes pyrrhotite, pyrite and chalcopyrite locally massive or in fractures. The rock is occasionally silicified and magnetic containing graphite and quartz veins. Grab samples revealed assay values of 2.48 g/t Au, 0.16 % Zn, 1440 and 2760 ppm As. In the southeastern part of the property, near the pyroxenitic/peridotitic pluton of the Dutreuil suite and the Au-Cu showings identified by the MERQ, a lithologic assemblage similar to the previous one exposes ultramafic rocks, massive and pillowed basalts and metasediments revealing massive to disseminated, graphitic and cherty zones showing anomalous gold and zinc values (0.10 and 0.13 g/t Au) and (0.10 % Zn).

These convincing assay results are added to the recent MERQ values highlighting anomalous Au (0.10-0.11 g/t Au), Zn (0.10-0.24 %) and As (3000 ppm) concentrations in Joubert’s metavolcanic and metasedimentary rocks. Assay values of 4.69 g/t and 0.48 g/t Au were produced from deformed quartz veins located 1 km south of Stelmine’s new discovery.