Social and sustainable development policy

Stelmine strives to work with all interested parties to create sustainable prosperity in the long term. The Company pledges to use responsible mining exploration and management practices in all corporate spheres fuelling its operational decisions. Project development will be governed by a rigorous approach that is respectful of communities and the environment. To this end, the Company seeks partnerships emphasizing open, transparent communication. Its goal is to be responsible, respected and well received in the communities where it operates.

Governance and responsible management
Stelmine applies management procedures promoting respect, transparency, integrity and honesty. It ensures that its managers, employees and sub-contractors understand their social and environmental responsibilities and work towards improvement. The Company’s Board of Directors has passed a resolution resolving to honour the terms of its social and sustainable development policy.

The Company endeavours to minimize the environmental impact of its work by diligently applying environment-related regulations to ensure the long-term viability of natural habitats. It applies sustainable development principles in its management and exploration work.

The Company recognizes the importance of building positive relations with the Native people and local communities. In the regions where it operates, Stelmine will establish a constructive dialogue with the community, based on transparency, scientific rigour and education.

Stelmine is determined to maintain the strictest health and safety standards. Its employees receive the tools and training needed to maximize their protection and that of all stakeholders.
Safety is one of the Company’s priorities. This commitment extends to its employees and also to the professionals it works with.

Stelmine is determined that its project development be respectful of and profitable for its shareholders and the local, Native communities. Its development vision entails generating the greatest possible economic spinoffs in the areas where it operates.
The Company emphasizes training local workers and getting community businesses involved in order to increase economic repercussions for the communities.